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Monday, March 26, 2012

What could (re)imagined educational leadership look like in Haiti? Pt 1 Professional organization

I have been asked to speak at a TED talk this fall which will have a focus on (re)imagine. My talk will be on (re)imagining educational leadership in Haiti. I'll use this blog to capture some of my ideas over the next few months.

Since the January 2010 earthquake, there has been a concerted effort in Haiti to re-build schools, provide free lunches for children, and provide for teacher training.  However, there has been limited attention to school leadership development - it's time to (re)imagine what this might look like.

Professional Organization

A national organization of school principals, either overseen by the Ministry of Education or as a self-regulated professional body, needs to be created in Haiti. School principals of all public schools would be part of this body and any principals of private schools would be invited and encouraged to join. This professional organization's tasks would include:

1. Establish a registry of school principals in Haiti.
2. Develop a system for principal qualifications.
3. Encourage educational research and disseminating this research through a professional journal and web-site.
4. Provide professional learning opportunities through regional events and a national gathering of school principals.
5. Liaise with MENFP (Ministry of Education), Haitian universities, and other partners to further develop the educational system in Haiti.

Future blog entries will expand on these and consider other aspects of (re)imagining educational leadership in Haiti.

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