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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Collisions of Vision - Finding Opportunities for Collaboration

On our first night in Haiti, the diversity and capability of our team was well recognized. It was also recognized that this trip provided an amazing opportunity to have our visions and capabilities collide.
Today was the beginning of this exploration as we visited three schools, and a local NGO, then heard from some inspirational Haitians in the evening.

Our school visits were intentionally placed at the beginning of our trip so that each participant (particularly those of us who have never traveled to Haiti before) could gain an appreciation of Haiti’s educational institutions, educators, and students. This would further inform our unique perspectives on capacity building. Though each school was unique in their own right, the vivacity of students, diligence and devotion of educators, and richness of culture was consistent throughout. These impressions were significantly, and our intention is to find ways to continue supporting this energy while engaging as many others in the process as possible.

In the aftermath of our day’s adventures, the wheels were already turning in our minds: How can online learning support professional development initiatives in Haiti? How does the malnutrition of young children affect their behaviour in the classroom? How can better recognition of the signs and symptoms of this improve retention and engagement? Below is a picture of this collision of visions turning into a passionate discussion over dinner.

During our talks tonight, we heard about a former Haitian leader, King Henri Christophe, who dreamt of a time when Haiti would not envy any other country in the world. It has become obvious, that having a vision is not something Haiti lacks. Now, during the remainder of our trip, we hope to continue exploring these collisions of vision, and developing a plan of action to accomplish these goals.

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