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Monday, November 14, 2016

Strong partnerships support success in Haiti: 1,000 teachers + 100 principals reaching 100,000 students

Last week, we held an awareness event in Kitchener to bring attention to the work that Laurier is doing in Haiti. Guests from local businesses, universities, and K-12 education systems were treated to an overview of the Educator and Leadership Institute as well as beautiful Haitian art and music. We shared successes we have already seen as well as our vision to improve the learning outcomes of 100,000 Haitian students by supporting the professional capacity of 1,000 teachers and 100 principals.


These outcomes will only be realized through strong partnerships. We have amazing partners on the ground in Haiti like College Notre Dame and College Regina Assumpta. We have also been fortunate to have great Canadian partners like Desire2Learn and the Hacienda Sarria who have supported the work we have done and who have provided expertise of their own. There are many others who have worked collaboratively toward this goal including our partners from the United States, such as personnel from Northeastern State University and REC Foundation.

It was a great evening with many commenting on how it was refreshing to hear a story that focused on an "asset model" for Haiti i.e., building on strengths rather than focusing on deficits.

At the awareness event, we launched our new 3 minute video (click here to view) that highlights activities from this past summer's Educator and Leadership Institute. Click here to watch a longer video (5 minutes) that provides an overview of all of our activities in Haiti.  Thanks to the very talented Lydia Frey for her continued outstanding work in documenting what we have been engaged with in Haiti.

The videos capture the great work that is being done and which will continue to be done in Haiti because of a focus on sustainability through strong partnerships.

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