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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mountain Maid

Between workshops and interviews today, we took a few minutes and went to Mountain Maid.  This is a store that sells products made by Haitians.  A favourite purchase of Steve's, when he comes to Haiti, is vanilla.  We bought 20 (!) 0.5 litres containers of vanilla as well as some books on Creole.

Steve's work with the principals who are completing their Master of Education project is coming well.  Five are scheduled to complete their project and defend their work on Thursday.  Five more will be done when Steve returns in October.  There is some amazing work being done by these principals - from projects which capture histories of schools to projects which examine how to develop listening skills in children.  We are investigating the possibility of pulling these projects together into a book which can be used throughout Haiti.

Steve also met with some principals about the digital mentoring project today. One of the participants in the M.Ed. works with the Ministry of Education as well as a university in the north (Cap Haitien).  Steve and he have been talking about a partnership with Laurier to facilitate the digital mentoring project.

Emily spent the morning video-taping workshops and doing homework in the afternoon.  We'll be taking a couple of hours tomorrow to drive to some rural schools and give Emily a chance to see what schools in these areas are like.  Hopefully the heavy rain we experienced today will not repeat itself tomorrow or she will also get a chance to experience wash outs!

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Andrew Turnbull said...

You can now visit Mountain Maid's online shop at http://www.mountainmaid.org