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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cockroaches and Computers

We arrived in Haiti yesterday after an uneventful trip from Toronto.  Port-au-Prince airport was damaged in the earthquake so a temporary building is being used for customs/immigration.  We met Chris and Johny, our driver/host, when we got out of the airport and eventually made our way up the mountain to Fermathe, just about an hour from the airport, overlooking PAP.  The first site outside of the airport were the tent cities. Chris pointed out numerous buildings which had recently been rebuilt after the earthquake.  It was Sunday, late afternoon, so the markets were still going full swing.

We enjoyed supper, a time of fellowship with old friends (and some new ones), and then made our way back to the small house where we're staying.  Emily was particularly impressed with the cockroaches we were able to kill before heading to bed!

Today was a busy day.  Steve led a number of writing workshops in the morning with 10 principals who are completing their Master of Education.  Emily videoed the workshops and helped with setting up the room.  Thanks to Laurier for supplying memory sticks, pens, post it notes, and lanyards - the principals all seemed to really enjoy these gifts.  We also brought 4 used laptops with us so that principals could use them for their writing if they didn't have access to a computer.

Lunch with the principals was rice and chicken - a real treat!  Steve spent the afternoon working one-on-one with principals.  We wrapped things up around 5:30 and enjoyed a lovely dinner.  We have a special treat this week - Billy Graham's chef, just retired, is spending some time in Haiti and is on the same compound.  He made dinner and it was a real treat.  He's also making a special dessert for Thursday night when the principals who finish their chapters will be able to invite family in for a celebration.

Steve met with Chris this evening to brainstorm on the digital mentoring project.  They discussed the various modules which need to be developed and how the iPads and Playbooks might be most effectively utilized.  Amazing how technology might make a difference here.  A great, busy day!

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