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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cap-Haitien Educational Leadership Networking - October 2012

I'm firming up plans to return to Cap-Haitien (northern Haiti) in early October. We have a signed agreement in place with WLU, University of Oklahoma and the Haitian Ministry of Education (North Haiti Department) to develop a collaborative partnership for educational leadership research and training. I anticipate having the Public University of the North at Cap-Haitien (UPNCH) come on as a signatory on this trip. We are already in conversation with other universities, schools, and NGOs about getting others on-board as well.

The vision is to establish a network of groups involved in education to support a concerted plan to develop school leaders in that region. As I've posted before, there is very little work being done anywhere in Haiti around school leadership. This research network would develop leadership training, and study its effectiveness, specifically in the north of Haiti.

The first step is to agree to work together and develop some terms of reference. From this starting point, we would then identify the needs in the area and get input as to what immediate, and long-term, steps need to be taken to address these needs.

It's exciting to see this next step in my work in Haiti take shape. I've worked with hundreds of school leaders and feel that some good progress has been made in supporting their leadership skills. However, this next step will provide a more structured framework for not only supporting leadership skills but examining how effective we are in developing these over time.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the trip and this collaborative partnership.

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