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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Arriving in Cap-Haitien: Emily's Perspective

Against all odds, we arrived in Cap-Haitien ahead of schedule today.

After meeting at the Toronto airport at 3:30 am this morning, we've had a full day of flights, but miraculously landed at the Cap-Haitien International Airport (which typically receives one airplane per day) before 3 pm!

Although I (Emily Sider, 2nd year Laurier Arts student and daughter of Steve who writes this blog) have been to Haiti before, this was my first trip to Cap-Haitien and arriving to the Stella Maris (our guest house) was a wonderful surprise. I'm writing this blogpost while looking out at a beautiful ocean view below.

Our team gathered on the patio overlooking the water, and we were introduced to Andre (who manages the nutrition centre and microcredit that our business/Enactus team members will be working in) and Henoc (a pastor at a local church here in Cap-Haitien and founder of a school we will be working in). We decided that a much-needed break from a day of early flights was in order, so we walked down the hill from the Stella Maris and had cold drinks at a patio restaurant right on the ocean. Just to have today to rejuvenate and prepare for the week to come - which would not have been the same if we had had flight complications - has been amazing.

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