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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Carmen's class in the small town Pignon, Haiti: CJs perspective

Carmen is a person who looks after the camp we stayed at when no one is around. She is from Brazil and is doing missionary work in Haiti. Carmen is one of the nicest people any of us have ever met.

At around three o'clock in the afternoon yesterday Carmen held an English class for kids in the community who would like to learn more about English. As we walked into the classroom there were about ten kids sitting at desks. Carmen was at the front writing words from the Bible in English. Once we got a chance to sit down at one of the empty desks all the kids turned around to look at us. We were used to being stared at now because we were considered "outsiders" in Haiti. When Carmen finished writing we could see that the bible verse was Proverbs 28:13. We could also see the words when she was finished. They went like this.

"People who conceal their sins
Will not prosper,
But if they confess
And turn from them
They will receive mercy"

When Carmen and the others read through the verse together Carmen went to her desk and pulled out a giant boom box. She shuffled through a couple jazzy songs until she found one with a really catchy rhyme to it. She started snapping her fingers and then started singing the first few words "People who conceal their sins" then she pointed to the classmates to sing what she sang. Once they finished singing the verses it was time to put it all together. It sounded amazing with all the kids singing at the top of their lungs. When the class finished their song, we burst into applause and cheered for their amazing voices. I could see right away that their confidence was boosted after that.

I really hope that Carmen keeps on teaching these kids English because they really enjoy learning the language. In fact when we asked a kid why he wanted to learn English he said he thought it was a beautiful language and he could express his feelings easily through English.

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