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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last day at the University and Regina plus the Mon Jolis in Cap Haitien: CJ's Perspective

Today was the last day we were at the all-girl school Regina Assumpta. It was also the last day we were at the university too. The time at both schools was very enjoyable to experience as the students received their certificates of participation. The resort though was the most exciting part of the day. More on that later...

The day started off at the university. The Laurier teachers were wrapping up their lessons about tourism that they did during the three days that they were there. The students were still interested to learn more about tourism and how to speak English while talking about tourism. They were also doing little skits that they performed in front of the class. They were very good and I was pleased to hear how well their English came along. At the end of the class, my dad handed out certificates to the students that participated in the class. Once they received the certificate they were beaming with happiness because they actually got something that signifies they accomplished something. I hope these teens succeed in the future from what they learned about English.

Today was also the last day at Regina Assumpta. The kids were very excited because tomorrow is their 65th year anniversary. Their dodgeball games were even more intense when they were excited! I walked over to the junior classrooms and saw that the basket ball court was turned into a tennis court! It was little kids playing tennis with little plastic rackets. On the side I could see really big trophies that the kids were playing for. It looked really fun!

 Next I went into one of the classrooms and they were handing out certificates. Like the university, these kids were really glad to get the certificates. Then they went out side to take pictures of their certificates! You can see the picture right here!

At the end of the day we went to a pool and resort that was very nice! The pool was very warm and we played games in there too! The sun was warm and we really enjoyed ourselves. In the end it was an amazing day!

CJ Sider, 13 years old

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