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Sunday, May 11, 2014

From Pignon to Cap-Haitien: A short review and preview of the Laurier team in Haiti

I hope you have enjoyed my son CJ's posts. I'm always amazed at what catches his attention!

Our team wrapped up 3 days of leadership and English programming in the small, rural town of Pignon. We had an amazing time with the principals, teachers, and students there. As we debriefed last night about our time, it was clear that there will be many memories from the first leg of the trip ... travel in cramped quarters, different foods, and dormitory style accommodations that would make any parent proud :) ... amazingly what most people identified as highlights were things like playing soccer with the community kids, going to the market, spending time with the founders of College de la Grace, and gaining some insight into the lives of educators in that area.

This morning, we squeezed 16 of us into a van and started the trek to Cap-Haitien ... 39 miles and 3 hours away :) What an adventure ... huge mud holes, lush jungle vistas, and going through a river to get to the road on the other side. By the way, this is one of the national highways of Haiti!

We arrived at the Stella Maris, our guest house in Cap, in the early afternoon. What an oasis! But soon we were off for an afternoon at the Labadee beach. Another oasis! Haiti is full of so many beautiful places.

Everyone is doing well. I am so proud of this team. Everyone has had a great attitude and is eager to begin our English classes tomorrow at the Regina Assumpta school in Cap.

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Jellyarmsrme said...

It's been great reading your and CJ's posts. Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights!