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Monday, May 13, 2013

Cap-Haitian Ride

Karley Writing:

Today we headed to Cap-Haitian from Pignon, where we had previously stayed for the last few days. Before we left, we visited Pastor Caleb's church which was right across from our guest house. The singing was amazing, even if I didn't understand anything that they were saying. We hung out with a few boys that were just hanging around our vehicle after that, and we gave out Canadian pins and stickers.

You might think 39 miles wouldn't take that long to travel, but let me tell you that in Haiti, it takes you at least twice as long. Our group calls this "Haitian time" because no one is ever on time. At around noon, we were all getting hungry so we decided to stop in a little community to see what we could find to eat. We ended up getting sugar canes, which have quite an interesting taste. Some of us couldn't finish them, so we ended up giving them to the children in the community, which they graciously took. They cut them right in front of us and everyone tried a piece. We were just getting ready to head back onto the road when Heather suggested that we should go for the full culture experience and try to get some fresh coconuts from one of the trees. Unfortunately, the trees were way too high for any of us to climb, but some of the men in the community volunteered to cut some down for us. It was a pretty awesome experience, and I even tried the meat on the inside, which actually turned out to be pretty tasty. Sarah went full out cracking her coconut on the ground to get the meat out. After we had eaten our fill, we learned that our car needed a little jump start to get it started. So the same men that had gotten our coconuts helped push the car, alongside some of our group members. We waved goodbye to the small group that had gathered around to see what all the commotion had been about, and continued on our journey to Cap-Haitian.

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