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Friday, May 17, 2013

University Agreements

Today, we had our second meeting with the president of the Public University of the North at Cap-Haitien as well as his senior administrative team. We have been discussing ways we can develop some programs as a result of the partnership agreement we signed last year. Some of the areas we are discussing are:

1. English Language Lab (centre) - for students, faculty, and local professionals to develop their conversational English language skills.
2. Supporting the development of on-line courses.
3. Scholarship opportunity for a student to attend Laurier for a semester.
4. Developing a Master of Education in conjunction with other Haitian universities.

These are all very exciting opportunities but each has some significant challenges. We are planning on meeting again in October, with a team of other Canadians representing different groups such as BlackBerry and University of Ottawa, to see what we can accomplish together.

In a separate meeting, we met with the dean of the Faculty of Education at Regio Assumption College in Cap-Haitien and started discussions about developing a Memorandum of Understanding with that school. It is an excellent school in the heart of Cap which may provide a suitable alternative location for some of the same areas.

We are still having very slow Internet connections so we'll try and get some pictures posted tomorrow!

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