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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Street Markets and Playing With Children in Haiti

Karley Writing:

 In the evening of our first day here, we decided to head off on an adventure to the street markets right outside our guest house. It was a very interesting experience, seeing as most of the woman were selling the exact same merchandise. Some woman even started to push each other when fighting over Jess, who was about to purchase a souvenir that both woman were selling. They are all very persistent; they like to grab you by the arm and lead you over to their part of the road. I didn't end up buying anything since I was too overwhelmed, but I watched as other members of the group bargained for the things they wanted. I then had the unusual experience of a boy coming up to me (I'm pretty sure he was a few years older than me), starting a conversation, and then asking to marry me. I declined politely, stating that I didn't think it would work out between us. He then tried to sell me some bracelets, so I took that as my cue to rejoin my group. I happily took pictures of the children after that, who were roaming around and playing with each other. 

As soon as we returned from the street markets, we had about an hour of sunlight left so we decided to hang out with some of the kids who were playing soccer in the front area. Apparently some of the kids didn't want to play with us, and ran off with the ball to start their own game. We then decided to join an intense game of basketball that was taking place, and then Jess had the idea to grab a frisbee/boomerang (which we later named "The Frisberang"). While we were playing, Jess and I noticed a little boy who was having some troubles with keeping up his pants, and we later realized that his button was broken. Jess ran up to the guest house and brought down a new pair of shorts for him, which he smiled brightly at and quickly put on. He spent the rest of the evening with us, and we had a really fun time.

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