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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Midnight ... time to pack up

In two hours we leave for the Toronto airport and the excitement is building! We get picked up at Laurier @ 2:30 am and meet some of our Toronto contingent at the airport. So far all flights are on schedule ... a minor miracle for American Airlines. Of all the trips I have taken to Haiti, I would guess that at least 1/2 have had delays or cancellations. Let's hope for better success this time around.

Here's what we anticipate (always important to remember!) happening in the next 24 hours:

-meet team at Laurier @ 2:30 am
-check in to AA and depart for Miami @ 6:30
-flight to PAP leaves at 12:25
-get picked up at PAP and drive to Mirebalais (Ecole de Choix) where we will leave French school books and see the new hospital that Partners in Health (Dr. Paul Farmer) has built
-continue to Pignon ... total travel time on the road in Haiti, approximately 4 hours

Our first three days will be spent in Pignon, celebrating the 20th anniversary of College de la Grace and doing a day of workshops for their teachers. More on these events in future blog posts.

Remember to follow us on Twitter using the following handles: @drstevesider or @karleysider or use the hashtag #laurierhaiti2013

So let the packing continue and the fun begin!

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